DuckHunt NDS Beta v0.25

Smileynator aggiorna alla versione 0.25 Beta DuckHunt NDS, porting dell’ononimo gioco per nes. Changelog:
Version 0.25 is out!
Sorry for the long delay!
I fixed the dog shooting bug. You can’t fire the gun when the dog is present.
Now small score ”clouds” appear wherever the duck is shot.
Shoot within 100 frames == 1500 points.
Shoot within 200 frames == 1000 points.
Shoot within 500 frames == 500 points.
These points are able to change in the next version, discus then please.
There is now a score system as robust as it is, It counts your hit score.
Each 10 birds, you go to the next round. Though no animation is shown yet.
The intro bug remains. It’s still a stupid fact.
Download= Allegato 139