Il team E3 ha rilasciato le nuove versioni, 2.0 e 2.1, per E3 ODE PRO. Questo aggiornamento aggiunge il supporto per 4,55 OFW, il supporto per i backup dei giochi (non è più necessario la conversione ISO ) e annunciano le caratteristiche del prossimo aggiornamento 2.2 del sistema operativo. Per non parlare di una grande sorpresa per il futuro! Giocare giochi per PS3 , senza la necessità di un HDD esterno USB ! Non sappiamo se si riferiscono all'uso del disco fisso interno o giocare via LAN.


1) We are pleased to announce the long-awaited E3 OS 2.0 released. All users upgrade to E3 OS 2.0 will have the following functions:

1:The official version of 4K 4.55 solution. A special E3 boot disc to support user's original boot disc and all PS3 games in its HDD. The users can burn the BD E3 boot disc by themselves or give the generated ISO file to other guy to burn. (The supported original boot disc is listed in the keys file, this content can be added)
Please note: this function is only useful for 4K 4.55 user, other E3 OS 2.0 user play game is same as before, no need E3 boot disc.

2: Support folder format of PS3 games. Users can play games without converting into ISO game on PC .(EBOOT need original or re-signed )

3: Modified EBOOT can be run with E3 ODE PRO after re-signed in folder format game, just copy the eboot to the right directory to run. (E3TEAM will release a specially one-key re-sign software later)

E3TEAM is working hard to update one key installation PKG file feature, due to the delay of fixing 4K 4.55. It will be released in E3 OS 2.1 after testing well.

E3TEAM will provide solutions without the need of external USB drive to play PS3 game, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, because of commercial confidentiality, E3TEAM's exclusive release of new features for how to achieve the way will be reserved. In the 4K 4.55 solution as an example, E3TEAM find the solution in 3 days after 4.55 released, and then release the testing video . Since the method of switching boot disc is commercial secrets, so we have reservations in the video. Facts have proved that after E3TEAM released E3 OS 2.0 BETA version, other teams are starting to follow E3TEAM solution. For this reason, if the user causes misunderstanding, E3TEAM can only feel sorry. But in the future we will continue to use the functions reserved demo mode, please understand!

E3TEAM will do our best to provide the best user experience. All issues of interest to
the user, E3TEAM is trying to solve, and will be reflected in future product updates.

2) The new E3 OS 2.1 and E3 Manager 2 release, all users will have the following functions after upgrade to E3 OS 2.1 and E3 Manager 2.0:

1: One key install official PKG file
2: PS1 game support
3: BD MOVIE ISO support to play directly
4: DVD MOVIE ISO support to play directly
5: Further improve the support folder format PS3 games

E3TEAM will add the following new function in the next upgrade E3 OS 2.2, and more new features do please look forward to!.

1: Enhance the performance of E3 ODE PRO
2: install Unofficial PKG file
3: PSN game support

E3TEAM as PS3 ODE industry pioneer, will vigorously advance and innovate, bring even more enriching experience for all users.